The return to in-person learning will begin on April 5th.  Below is the "playbook" of how we are implementing Safe at Schools protocols and the hybrid schedule for Fern Creek students.

Principal Corner
Dr. Rebecca Nicolas
Welcome to Fern Creek High School.  We are a professional learning community where “all” really means “all.” Fern Creek is a  beautifully diverse community high school that serves students from all backgrounds and experiences. Our strong instructional and support systems ensure that we meet the needs of each student as we refine the continuous professional learning of our faculty and staff. We know that our students have tremendous potential to change the world and we take our responsibility in shaping that future as a mandate and a privilege. We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive hub for our community and invite parents, students and community members to engage in this important work with us.  We take great pride in our school and commit, as always, to keep the Creek rising.
Fern Creek Weekly Fast Five
Academy Spotlight
Fern Creek Proud
Ivy Plus Academy
The ancient Greeks knew the importance of fulfilling one’s greatest potential.  So much so, they had a name for this endeavor: Arete

Fern Creek’s Ivy Plus Academy is designed to connect high-achieving students with the nation’s top colleges to help them realize Arete.

The program’s goal is to provide these students with the information, guidance, mentoring, and means to gain acceptance to these elite institutions.