Principal Corner
Dr. Rebecca Nicolas

Welcome to Fern Creek High School.  We are a professional learning community where “all” really means “all.” Fern Creek is a  beautifully diverse community high school that serves students from all backgrounds and experiences. Our strong instructional and support systems ensure that we meet the needs of each student as we refine the continuous professional learning of our faculty and staff. We know that our students have tremendous potential to change the world and we take our responsibility in shaping that future as a mandate and a privilege. We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive hub for our community and invite parents, students and community members to engage in this important work with us.  We take great pride in our school and commit, as always, to keep the Creek rising.
FCHS Mission & Vision
Our Academies & Pathways
About Us
At Fern Creek High School, we are committed to maintaining the instructional integrity established by our predecessors. Founded in 1923 as the first public high school in Jefferson County, Fern Creek has served as a community meeting place, a hub of learning and a touchstone for generations of Louisville residents. We have a highly active alumni association that has contributed over five million dollars in support to the school.

Today, Fern Creek continues its dedication to providing students with a variety of learning opportunities, including a diverse range of career pathways. Additionally, we offer a range of rigorous coursework including Advanced and AP options and more than 70 different activities, sports, and clubs from which our students can choose. Our highly-qualified staff also provides students opportunties to recover, remediate, and enrich learning after school each Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 

Our IVY Plus program is aims to connect exceptionally high-achieving students with colleges and universities that are nationally recognized top post-secondary institutions.  Students are mentored starting in 9th grade, and parents are familiarized with their options for selecting from these elite institutions.