Phone Number ............502-485-8435
Mr. Jarrod Hunt............Assistant Principal
Mr. Charles Marshall....Assistant Principal, 9th
Mr. Kenneth Christian..Assistant Principal, 10th
Dr. Jai Wilson..............Assistant Principal, 11th
Ms. Michelle Marrillia..Assistant Principal,12th
Ms. Ashley LaPierre....AP Office Clerk
Ms. Melissa Tabor.......Behavior Management Clerk
Assistant Principals' Office
Other Information
Guest Dance Form Authorizations
Students who turn in a form to attend another schools function as a guest will have their behavior reviewed by their assistant principal to see if they are in good standing behaviorally. Typically, students who have fewer than 3 minor behavioral events for the current school year will be approved to attend other school's functions as a guest. Students who have 3 or more behavior events will have to meet their administrator to discuss their standing further. If you have any questions, please call 485-8435 and ask to speak with Ms. LaPierre.
No Student Hall Passes
Fern Creek operates on Level 3 Security at all times, which means that students shall not be released from any classroom or office with a hall pass. Teachers are expected to set the tone with students that they should only ask to leave the classroom when there is a true emergency. If a true emergency arises,teachers may call the AP office at 8435 for an escort. If a student walks out of class, the teacher should immediately notify the AP Office.
HERO is the software system Fern Creek High School uses to record student behavior, tracking tardies, cuts, and other issues. However, HERO is being used to track positive student action as well. Throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to earn points for the same actions that earned them Tiger Tickets in previous years. Teachers, administrators, and support staff will reward students with points for actions they deem deserving. On designated Fridays, students will be encouraged to spend their points on a menu of items during their lunch. Every student will begin the school year with 200 points in their accounts.

However, students will also see their points deducted for negative behaviors like tardies, cuts and discipline referalls. If students lose too many points, they will have participation in school events stripped of them. Here is how it works:
Behavior Deduction
Tardies -5pts
Cutting -15pts
Leaving Campus -20pts
Referrals (L1,L2) -25pts
Referrals (L3,L4) -50pts

In order to attend certain events, dances, field trips, etc. students will need to have a particular amount of points in their accounts
Special Event  Minimum Req. Points
Staying after school 0
Homecoming Dance 0
Field Trip 0

Students who find themselves in too much debt but who still want to regain these privileges can volunteer for community service after school from 2:30 – 3:30 pm and/or on certain Saturdays. One hour of community service will result in 30 rewarded points.  See Mr. Abell to sign up for community service.