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Troy Johnson
Athletic Director
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Athlete of the Month- November 2019
Micah Lee   

Tayona Lee

Athletic Programs
Fall Athletic Level Coach
Football Varsity, JV, Freshman Josh Abell
Boys Soccer Varsity, JV John Pedro
Girls Soccer Varsity, JV Rachel Burns
Volleyball Varsity, JV, Freshman Mary Frank
Cross Country Varsity Rob Redies
Boys Golf Varsity, JV Jared Stout
Girls Golf Varisty, JV Ryan Scott
Cheerleading Varsity, JV Staci Kyser
Dance Varsity, JV Kristal Kissel
Winter Athletics Level Coach
Boys Basketball Varsity, JV, Freshman James Schooler
Girls' Basketball Varsity, JV, Freshman Shanda Miller
Wrestling Varsity, JV Brent Sevenish
Rifle Team Varsity Roger Angel
Swim Team Varsity Pat Padron
Archery Varsity Joe Marling
Boys Bowling Varsity Randy Cook
Girls Bowling Varsity Jamie Wheat
Spring Athletics Level Coach
Boys Track Varsity Lutisha Bowen
Girls Track Varsity Rob Redies
Softball Varsity, JV Rob Robinson
Baseball Varsity, JV Nick Barte
Girls Tennis Varsity, JV Heather Jones
Boys Tennis Varsity, JV Heather Jones
Lacrosse Varsity Tim Broadway
Responsibility as a spectator
All spectators must adhere to the etiquette of the active sport as well as the code of conduct set forth by the school. All school sponsored activities follow school guidelines and the Code of Acceptance Behavior and Discipline.
Student Requirements for Participation in Athletics
  1. Have a notarized medical release examination signed by a physician.
  2. Pay JCPS mandated insurance secondary fee
  3. Be on grade level
  4. Have a completed patient permissions form and other forms per the Athletic Director
  5. Parents and Students attend mandatory pre-season meeting as well as meeting any other requests.
  6. Turn-in equipment from previous sport(s)
Athletic Letters
The awarding of athletic letters to athletes in any sport or sports-related activity is based on academic proficiency, good attendance, proper conduct, athletic prowess, and recommendation by coach and athletic director.
Title IX
FCHS  completes an annual report to theKHSAA for compliance. Records are open and kept on file at the school. An established committee consisting of two students, two parents, two coaches, two staff, the athletic director and an assistant principal meet three times a year. If you are interested in participating on this committee, please contact the athletic director.
Responsibility as a Student/Athlete
Students must be on grade level since promotion from Grade 8. A student only has four (4) years of eligibility during high school. The student cannot turn nineteen (19) before August 1st of the school year for which athletic participation is desired. The student must be passing four (4) instructional hours in the week prior to any athletic contest in order to meet Kentucky High School Athletic Association rules for eligibility. The FCHS office of Activities and Athletics will monitor weekly grade checks, six week reports, and trimester/semester reports. Resources will continue to be used to intervene as early as possible to prevent potential failures. The school principal or designee will appoint an appeal committee should a parent of student request an appeal to review circumstances that prevent a student from meeting the above mentioned criteria.

The  KHSAA handbook states that football and basketball participants CANNOT compete in any sport as it relates to outside competition during the seasoin.
FCHS pays an annual membership fee to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA), The KHSAA serves as a governing body, followed by JCPS, and then FCHS, Questions and concerns in each sport can be addressed first by the coach, secondly by the athletic director or principal, then by contacting the office of Activities/Athletics at (502)-485-3331, and finally the KHSAA at (859) 299-5472