Email: Amy Mason
Phone: 502-485-6999
Attendance Regulations
Regular Attendance is essential for promotion and success. If it is necessary for a student to miss school, parents should call the school at 485-6999. In addition, a follow-up note explaining the absence must be sent to school when the student returns. Failure to provide a note will result in the absence recorded as unexcused.
Attendance Policy
All students are required by law to attend school every day. They are required to be on time for school and all classes.
Students who are absent from school must have a legitimate excuse. This includes illness, visits to a doctor or dentist, death in the family, or other reasons approved by a school administrator. The parent/guardian will be contacted if a student's attendance becomes a problem, and documentation will be required for all absences as mandated by the state.
Attendance Notes
An absence will be posted as unexcused unless a parent/guardian sends a note to the Attendance Office within two school days from the date of the absence. After ten (10) absences, a doctor's note will be required for an excused absence. Legitimate reasons as approved by the principal, such as special outings when students represent the school, programs, or assemblies will be treated as a normal day. These days will not count against the student's grade.
Tardy to School
Students who enter Fern Creek High School after 7:40 am will sign in at the attendance office, receive a note, and be escorted to class. Students who report to school after 10:45 must meet with an administrator before being escorted to class.
Early Dismissals
To obtain permissions to leave school during the school day, students must present a note from their parent(s) to the attendance clerk prior to 1st Period. This note must contain the following information:
  • Student's Name and Grade
  • Date
  • Reason for leaving school
  • Mode of Transportation (Walking, TARC, Parent/Designee Pickup, or Self Transport)
  • Time to be excused
  • Parent's Signature
  • Telephone number where parent can be reached to verify the early dismissal request.