Computer Science
The Computer Science Pathway courses focus on computer theory, computing problems and solutions, and design of computer systems and user-interfaces. The coursework will include instruction in the principles of computational science, computer development and programming and applications to a variety of end use situations.

The United States needs millions of programmers and our high schools are not graduating enough students to fill the need. We are only graduating 400,000 students to fill 1.4 million CS vacancies. By the time 8th graders graduate, the problem will be even worse. Computer Science is a well-paying exciting career choice that is growing at a tremendous rate.

The Fern Creek Computer Science Academy is working to help fill this void. We are a four year program that seeks to offer students a full range of computer programming courses so that they are ready to enter any of the state’s 20 or more computer science programs with ease. Our goal is to make sure each one of our students has met professors from all of the colleges that seek to recruit them. Those colleges are helping us because we are helping them. Our program has grown from under 40 students to over 300.

We offer TWO Computer Science AP courses. We teach Python, robotics, web design, JAVA and JAVA Script. On a social note we have LAN Parties for our gamers that like to stay overnight in the lab; and a computer club that builds robots and computers. Our relationship with Microsoft allows us to give our students thousands of dollars’ worth of software. Next year our robotics and programming team will enter numerous contests and talk to dozens of colleges and Programming businesses. Students in our programming classes regularly meet with Speed School CS Engineering students who volunteer to come and help build our program.
Classes Computer Literacy
Intro to Computer Science
Computational Thinking (Python)
AP Computer Science Princ.
Introduction to Gaming
AP Computer Science A (Java)

Certifications MTA- Software Development
MTA- HTML App Dev. Fund.
MTA- Networking Fundamentals
MTA- Security Fundamentals
MTA- Windows Operating
System Fundamentals
CompTIA IT Fundamentals
Oracle Certified Junior Associates