Dawn Roseberry-----------------------------------------------------------Counselor, 9th
Hope Johnson-------------------------------------------------------------Counselor, 10th
Kerry Conklin--------------------------------------------------------------Counselor, 11th
Camille Wade-------------------------------------------------------------Counselor, 12th
Emily Johnson------------------------------------------------Mental Health Counselor
Andrea Witten---------------------------------------------ECE Implementation Coach
Mary Ayers-------------------------------------------------------------------Records Clerk
Cindy Houchin-----------------------------------------------------------------Receptionist
Sue Ann Thompson-----------------------------------------------------------Receptionist
Student Aides
A limited number of students will be selected to serve as Student Aides upon Counselor Approval.  Student aides (seniors only) must maintain a cumulative 2.0 or higher GPA, be on track for graduation, maintain 90% or better attendance, and have no major discipline infractions.
Grade Placements
Students will be placed in the appropriate grade based on JCPS's Student Progression, Promotion, and Grading Handbook.
Classes and Credits
Freshman     0-4.99 Credits
Sophomore   5-10.99 Credits
Junior          11-15.99 Credits
Senior          16 or more Credits

Students must have the required number of credits by the opening day of school for grade placement.
New Students
New students are welcome to make an appointment with a counselor for an introductory conference. All visitors are to sign-in at the Main Office.
College Visits
Seniors who desire to make college visits are required to fill out a college visitation form: this can be obtained in the Counseling Office.