FCHS Dress Code
The dress code is designed to create an appropriate academic climate.  FCHS believes that standards of neatness and appropriateness in clothing encourage an atmosphere conducive to learning, work, and discipline.  Furthermore, it is felt that pride in one’s school and oneself is, in part, influenced by appearance. Students must comply with the “Dress Code Policy” upon arrival until exiting school grounds after school.

The dress code has been relaxed so that lost instructional time due to violations is minimized.  Therefore, students out of dress code compliance will not be allowed to attend class until they correct the issue.  Students who are “correctable” will do so immediately, and return to class.  Those who are not “correctable” will be given an opportunity to contact a parent to correct, and if unable, will be placed in SSR for the remainder of the day.
FCHS recognizes that accommodations to the Dress Code Policy for religious or medical purposes may be necessary. If there is an accommodation concern, please speak with an administrator immediately.