Ivy Plus Success Stories
Ivy Plus schools are institutions of higher learning that provide their students with opportunities and advantages that other schools typically cannot offer:

• A top-notch, cutting-edge education that challenges you to maximize your intellectual potential
• Access to the nation’s top professors
• Smaller class sizes and more one-on-one interaction
• Access to the nation’s top research facilities
• Access to an elite professional networking system
• A student body that intellectually stimulates and challenges you
• Better chance of being accepted to top performing graduate schools
• Higher earnings and wage potential 

Full List of Schools (in Word)
Ivy Plus Students
Jordan Cox, University of Pennsylvania
"Fern Creek's Ivy+ Program encouraged and assisted me in applying, being accepted, and attending one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. I would have never dreamt of applying to an Ivy League school, must less be accepted to one, if not for this phenomenal program. From surveying websites to writing application essays, I was assisted every step of the way. Due to this extraordinary initiative, my life is changed forever."
Alexis Harding (LIM – a top 20 fashion and marketing college)
" Ivy Plus was the boost I needed to follow my dreams. Many kids will believe Ivy Plus is just for the “nerds”—students who are solely focused on academics and getting accepted to colleges to become doctors, lawyers, or engineers. That is certainly not the case. This program makes sure ALL participants are encouraged to pursue their dreams, no matter what they are...Yes, I had great grades and a solid ACT score, but my dreams revolved around the fashion industry. Mr. Baker saw that in me and respected that, which is why he encouraged me to apply to top-notch fashion and design colleges.  He never let me give up on my dream. I could not believe it when the acceptance letters started coming in and I was accepted into some of the best fashion and design schools in the country. Mr. Baker believed in me as much as I believed in myself...That's why I'm writing this on my way to New York to attend LIM College."
James Easton, Centre College
"The Ivy+ Program is what fueled me to go to the college of my dreams...The program helped me overcome any obstacle, whether the obstacle was financial issues, indecision, ignorance, or familial distraught. Ivy+ is one of the many ways Fern Creek facilitates the success of its students and I will always be grateful for the opportunities it has provided me. Thanks to Ivy+, I had multiple top-notch universities to choose from and was given the chance to select from a number of tremendous options."