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Fern Creek High School
Ivy Plus Academy!

The ancient Greeks knew the importance of fulfilling one’s greatest potential.  So much so, they had a name for this endeavor: Arete

Fern Creek’s Ivy Plus Academy is designed to connect high-achieving students with the nation’s top colleges to help them realize Arete.

The program’s goal is to provide these students with the information, guidance, mentoring, and means to gain acceptance to these elite institutions.

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Program Details
  • Academy space is limited and preference is given to students within Fern Creek’s resides area.
  • Students who are not accepted into the initial Academy cohort will be placed on the waiting list (Students may still choose to attend Fern Creek and may be enrolled in specific Advanced Placement classes as non-Academy participants).
  • Help finding the right school for the right student
  • Access to elite college admission counselors and in-school visits
  • Help arranging campus visits
  • Help filling out admission and scholarship applications
  • Financial aid to offset travel and applications costs
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Group lessons on preparing a solid application resume
  • Informative parent and student meetings throughout the year
Admissions season for the Fern Creek High School Ivy Plus Academy Class of 2019 has wrapped up, and I have some great news to share. The 32 seniors in this year's class amassed just over $18 million in scholarships. They have been admitted to the following selective/highly-selective colleges (I have also indicated each college's national ranking and acceptance rate to put their accomplishments in better context):

College Ranking Acceptance Rate
American 78 29%, Bates 22 18%, Case Western 42 36%, Centre 46 60%, Davidson 10 19%, Denison 43 29%, DePauw 56 62%, Earlham 81 52%, Kenyon 30 28%, Lafayette 36 26%, Lehigh 53 22%, Oberlin 30 25%, Rhodes 51 47%, Richmond 25 30%, Rochester 33 30%, Occidental 39 37%, Wofford 72 70%, Wooster 67 55%, U Chicago 37%, U Illinois 46 62%, U Michigan 27 29% and U Southern Cal. 22 16%.

Also, or note the fact that the average acceptance rate for all applicants to the above schools is 30%. Our Ivy Plus seniors had an average acceptance rate of 61% to these schools. This speaks to the great work JCPS does to prepare its students for these highly competitive institutions. No one can tell us that JCPS (or public schools in general) do not offer the same advantages and opportunities as private and/or charter schools. These 32 young men and women prove otherwise.

The vast majority of these seniors (29/32) are minority, low-income, and/or first-generation college students. They overcame numerous obstacles that normally preclude students with their disadvantaged backgrounds from attending prestigious institutions. To say I am proud of these young men and women is an understatement in the truest sense of the word. None of these students would be where they are now without the phenomenal education, mentoring, and guidance each of you have helped provide them during their time at FCHS. They could not have done this without you. Thank you SO MUCH!

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