Robotics Engineering
This pathway prepares individuals to apply scientific and mathematical principles to the design, development, and implementation of automated and robotic systems. The pathway includes instruction in materials science and engineering, manufacturing processes, process engineering, assembly and product engineering, robotic systems design, and manufacturing competitiveness.

The Robotics Engineering program at Fern Creek will give students a fun and hands on approach to Engineering. Students will not only learn the skills necessary to pursue Robotics Engineering, but will be learning the basics behind Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Engineering all while having fun building robots. Engineers will always be needed and recent studies show that 7 of the top highest 10 paying college majors are in Engineering.

In addition to offering 4 Engineering courses, students will have an oppurtunity to be part of an after school robotics team. They will compete in the VEX Robotics competitions with potential to be part of the state and world competitions. They will have access to all of the materials needed to build chassis, throw balls and climb on obstacles. They will learn to build robots and program tehm to do some amazing things and perform complex tasks.

At Fern Creek, we are committed to developing the next great engineers- the next generation of students that dream of and create our technologies of the future. We believe that engineers are basically problem solvers and we look forward to helping students become just that.
ClassesPrinciples of Engineering
Foundations of Robotics
Robotics Design Essentials and Systems
Robotics Application

CertificationsPre-Engineering (REC Foundation)
Robotics (REC Foundation)