Graduation Class of 2019
June 12th,9:00AM
Broadbent Arena
Grad. Cap Decorating Guidelines
Senior Information
Events Calendar
Senior Events Eligibility
During the school year, a variety of events will be held specifically for the senior class. These events will be open to all seniors, however, the end of the year events such as Field Days, Belle Cruise, Senior Teach Day, Senior Sideshow, Good-Bye Walk, Graduation Practice and the Graduation ceremony are all subject to be revoked if he/she violates the terms of their senior contract.
  • To participate in events, seniors understand that they must abide by the following expectations: Student may not instigate, promote, or participate in any disruptive behavior (i.e, senior prank, publishing on social media, etc.). Participation will be determined by Administration discretion.
  • Students must not have any unpaid fees or outstanding debts, including unreturned textbooks.
  • Student may not attend any event if he/she is suspended, failing a class that is a graduation requirement, has unfinished e-school or independent study courses, or if he/she has not completed the Senior Transition Survey online.
  • Students must meet the following attendance requirements to attend the following senior events:
Senior Prom - Cannot miss 15+ unexcused days
Senior Belle Cruise - cannot miss 12+ unexcused days
Senior Field Day - Cannot miss 10+ unexcused days
Senior Teach Day - Cannot miss 8+ unexcused days
Senior Trip - cannot miss 7+ unexcused days.

** Senior sponsors reserve the right to review the status of any student on a case by case basis with the input of the Fern Creek High School Administration**
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