Visual Arts
Fern Creek High School’s visual arts program encourages students to think independently, creatively, and develop asethic skills that will assist them in a profession that encourages creativity.

 A Variety of courses are offered to meet the needs and interests of all students learn artistic expression through the disciplines of the visual arts: art production, art historyand aestetics. Visual Art I-IV classes are offered as a foundation setting for our program. We are also proud to provide AP Studio courses for our students who wish to challenge themselves with the demanding, yet rewarding coursework and possibly obtain college credit from AP College Board for submitting a successful portfolio.

We highly encourage our students to be involved in the arts in every aspect possible. There are multipleoppourtunites to experience art culture through our program. We host an Art Club afer school once a week and we also challenge our students to apply for extra-curricular art opportunities including the Avademy Classes and additional programming through Louisville Visual Art.  We also strongly encourage preparing a portfolio for the Governor’s School for the Arts, Which offers scholarship opportunities.
Visual Art I-IV
AP Studio Art (Drawing, 2D & 3D)
Fern Creek High School
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School Hours: 7:40 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.
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