The Youth Connection Services Center is designed to provide services that help students and families deal with obstacles that hinder the educational process. The center, located on the second floor of Fern Creek High school, offers the following activities and services.
  • Counseling through Centerstone
  • Counseling groups for students
  • Parent engagement activities
  • Service Learning activities
  • Employment assistance
  • Career and college round table discussions
  • Career and college field trips
  • Clothing assistance
  • Referrals to health and social services agencies
  • Works with the Laundry and Loot
  • Drug and alcohol prevention
  • Bullying interventions

If anyone has suggestions or comments about activities or programs they would like to see offered, please visit the center or contact Kristin Johnson at (502) 485-8251. Students may also call the Crisis and Information Center for assistance. The number is (502) 589-4313.
YCSC Contact
Kristin Johnson:
Youth Connection Services Center Coordinator
485-8251 Fern Creek
313-4429 Carrithers

Josh Koebel:
Student Support Services

Lynn Wurfel:
Youth Connection Services Center Office Clerk
485-8251 Fern Creek
Fern Creek High School
9115 Fern Creek Road
Louisville, Ky 40291

Phone: 502-485-8251
School Hours: 7:40 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.
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